A Star Hero's Son Turns Director!

The world of cinema often sees star heroes' offspring follow in their footsteps.

Introducing Jason Sanjay

Son of Kollywood star hero Vijay, Jason Sanjay has decided not to be an actor but a filmmaker.

Buzz in the Media

Kollywood media has been abuzz with talks of Sanjay taking up the director's mantle for some time now.

Lyca Productions' Big Announcement

The renowned film production house, Lyca Productions, officially announces a movie under their banner directed by Sanjay.

Vijay Fans Rejoice

Fans of superstar Vijay and netizens express their excitement and wish Sanjay success in his new endeavor.

Plea from the Fans

Many are also urging Vijay to act as the hero in his son's maiden film venture.

Sanjay's Educational Background

Completing his primary education in Chennai, Sanjay went on to pursue higher studies in Canada and took a course in filmmaking abroad.

Sanjay's Gratitude

Fill in some te– In an announcement, Sanjay thanked Subhaskaran for believing in his script and Tamil Kumaran for his guidance.xt

Speculation in Kollywood

Another rumor suggests that Sanjay might act as the hero in the Tamil remake of the Telugu hit "Uppena"

Awaiting More Details

– Information about the film's cast, crew, and other details is expected to be revealed soon.